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Does anyone even read this, well stop reading this and watch every video for more intelligence (IQ will increase by 0.72 per video).


3:02Probability Comparison: Biggest Turn-offs
3:02Probability Comparison: Hardest Skills to Learn
3:02Comparison: World's Most Powerful People
Comparison: World's Most Powerful Peoplewyświetleń 85KDzień temu
3:02Comparison: Things Adults Can Do That Kids Can't
3:01Probability Comparison: Gambling
Probability Comparison: Gamblingwyświetleń 34K2 dni temu
3:02Comparison: First Things
Comparison: First Thingswyświetleń 105K8 dni temu
3:01Comparison: How We Grow Old
Comparison: How We Grow Oldwyświetleń 148K8 dni temu
3:01Comparison: Most Famous Stories of All Time
3:01Probability Comparison: Siblings
Probability Comparison: Siblingswyświetleń 150K8 dni temu
3:02Probability Comparison: Goals
Probability Comparison: Goalswyświetleń 108K8 dni temu
3:02Comparison: Human Pain (Part 5)
Comparison: Human Pain (Part 5)wyświetleń 167K8 dni temu
3:02Probability Comparison: Dads
3:01Comparison: Weirdest Foods
3:02Probability Comparison: Drinks
3:02Probability Comparison: Skills
3:01Comparison: Richest Countries
3:01Comparison: Most Popular Kids Toys
Comparison: Most Popular Kids Toyswyświetleń 113KMiesiąc temu
3:01Comparison: Worst Years to be Alive in History!


  • 0:20 HUH?

  • Why isn't there *T Y I N G Y O U R S H O E S* In here

  • I kbow how to change voice at 7

  • and jeon jungkook can do it all

  • I didn't see President Duterte.

  • Idk where they get the datas from but it's interesting anyway

  • I was once a 0.009 % but not in the way shown in video Lmao

  • Lost the round it's not the re end

  • I don't know how to tie a tie bit I know scuba diving and handstand

  • creepy

  • Eat your friends bruh remember your in nature collect berries bruh

  • imma different breathe so I can handle the lego step

  • People who can juggle with knives: i cant write

  • Mr beast has 16 million .-.

  • did it include mdma/molly

  • The best thing I have is RAP 400 Bpm

  • 2:20 Me being a red karate taekwondo girl -I know how it feels plus It TOOK ME ABOUT A FRICKIN 2 YEARS TO DO A SPLIT NOT LIKE 30 DAYS My Body:Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

  • 2:47 yep yes that defenitly me (bite icecubes) YES its só good 😋

  • I can sleep under 10 seconds

  • Hardest Skill to learn: binary code language

  • "breaking morgz's ps4 and buying him 100 ps5" (or whatever its called): amateurs

  • I've seen Modi shake

  • Adam and Eve watching this from heck be like


  • didn't think those last 2 were that rare

  • Me: is better at chess than riding a bike also me: i'm special 😀

  • I had my first kiss at like 8

  • E

  • My dad does coding for a living 😄

  • This was insane

  • Me: texting my crush And learning math

  • playing violin well?

  • 77 % chess I think I was alone

  • Why Speak mandarins is so low and 2.7 billion Chinese people 🤨🤨

    • @King Gilbert I can hit A9

    • Huh sing well is 10% even tho I almost sound like don’t stay awake song huh even tho I’m a boyyyyy?

    • Huh is this normal cuz I’m half Filipino even tho I spent so many years in Singapore and some years in Philippines

  • i have the outside belly button genetic

  • Pewdiepie has admitted his networth is over 60 million

  • Song?

  • Wrong .I know a many guys who drinks more wine and also I anybody can eat more than 2 kg carrots

  • where giorno?

  • You forgot to see Bollywood and Kollywood man!

  • Where did the founder of exams go ?!

  • Xd

  • Imagine you are locked in a house with all of these men.

  • Who puts milk first

  • Wow Hitler is actually much deadlier than Stalin

  • I can speak backwards

  • im number 10

  • I feel no pain and I'm actually serious

  • You missed Reagan, in 1981 a guy shooted him failing

  • i can wheelie

  • Fun fact: Vladmir putin has a black belt in judo