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Does anyone even read this? Well, stop reading this and watch every video for more intelligence (IQ will increase by 0.72 per video).


3:02Comparison: Most Common Near Death Experience
3:02Probability Comparison: Unlikely Things To Happen
3:02Comparison: If The Earth’s Atmosphere Disappeared
3:02Comparison: Stereotypes
Comparison: Stereotypeswyświetleń 217KDzień temu
3:02Comparison: Cringiest Things
Comparison: Cringiest Thingswyświetleń 226KDzień temu
3:02Comparison: Exposing Girl Habits
Comparison: Exposing Girl Habitswyświetleń 180KDzień temu
3:01Comparison: If All People Suddenly Disappeared
3:01Comparison: Never Have I Ever
Comparison: Never Have I Everwyświetleń 261K7 dni temu
3:01Comparison: Why Students Hate School
Comparison: Why Students Hate Schoolwyświetleń 247K7 dni temu
3:01Comparison: Dreams and What They Mean
Comparison: Dreams and What They Meanwyświetleń 361K7 dni temu
3:01Comparison: Dirtiest Things in the World
Comparison: Dirtiest Things in the Worldwyświetleń 229K7 dni temu
3:02Comparison: Rarest Superpower Abilities
Comparison: Rarest Superpower Abilitieswyświetleń 191K7 dni temu
3:01Comparison: Most Hated Celebrities
Comparison: Most Hated Celebritieswyświetleń 370K14 dni temu
3:01Comparison: If You Were The Last Boy Alive
Comparison: If You Were The Last Boy Alivewyświetleń 673K14 dni temu
3:01Comparison: If Earth Heated Up 10 Degrees
Comparison: If Earth Heated Up 10 Degreeswyświetleń 149K14 dni temu
2:50Comparison: Worst Events Of Last 100 Years
Comparison: Worst Events Of Last 100 Yearswyświetleń 271K14 dni temu
3:01Comparison: I Bet You Didn't Know This (PART 3)
3:01Comparison: Most Wanted Things
Comparison: Most Wanted Thingswyświetleń 152K14 dni temu
3:01Comparison: What if a Meteor Hit the Earth?
Comparison: What if a Meteor Hit the Earth?wyświetleń 216K21 dzień temu
3:02Probability Comparison: Embarrassing Moments
Probability Comparison: Embarrassing Momentswyświetleń 440K21 dzień temu
3:01Comparison: Things School Doesn't Teach You
Comparison: Things School Doesn't Teach Youwyświetleń 149K21 dzień temu
3:01Comparison: Reasons for Being Fired
Comparison: Reasons for Being Firedwyświetleń 181K21 dzień temu
4:07Comparison: Most Satisfying Videos
Comparison: Most Satisfying Videoswyświetleń 64K21 dzień temu
3:01Comparison: How to Live Longer
Comparison: How to Live Longerwyświetleń 289K21 dzień temu
3:01Comparison: Average Age For Everything
Comparison: Average Age For Everythingwyświetleń 446K21 dzień temu
3:01Comparison: Stranded on a Desert Island
Comparison: Stranded on a Desert Islandwyświetleń 189K28 dni temu
3:01Comparison: Reasons for Being Expelled
Comparison: Reasons for Being Expelledwyświetleń 187K28 dni temu


  • Is ppap dead?

  • Catching a shiny Pokemon: POKEMONNNNNNNNN

  • I am 3/4 of these including super strength. One time I almost picked up my moms car,

  • I can do Triple Pipe, I have Photographic Memory, so my mom uses it for me to remember which clothes she picked online so she picks it up correctly

  • Actually slavery was legal until 1865 (the 13th ammendment) and the emancipation proclamation duhhnnn

  • Anyone sweaty palms syndrome? 😀

  • I have photographic memory

  • Me be like when no body is in our house:mission accomplished *plays games 2bil years later dies* lol

  • When I was 7 years old, I stepped into the train & train suddenly departs & accelrates fastly & I was hanging between rail door & platform, my family is in another compartment, all people at the station running behind me & all are screaming "'bachha, bachha"' suddenly someone on the station pulled me out of the train, in the another compartment my parents realized that I'm not with them & they also jump out of the train & hugged me, I thought that was last day of my life...

  • I didn’t actually drown but that made me stay well away from water for a good 3 months or so. It was this time when I was around 6 or younger. We were on a huge floaty banana shaped thing and my mum said it wouldn’t tip over but then an unexpected wave came and it tipped. I couldn’t swim and I was in the water with my life jacket (luckily). Still I drank plenty of seawater and got really scared.

  • 0:35 ━❍──────── -5:32 ↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺ VOLUME: ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇ 10000%

  • "earthquakes" bruh im barely scared of earthquakes i live in california

  • Too extreme for me

  • Is this the real data or the data creates by this guy based on how much he likes each celebrity?

    • @RMS TITANIC seems little confusing Justin Bieber has 260m haters? but anyways he didn't add elon and says the total number of hater I'll not be happy

    • Real data bud

  • Nicki is the queen 👑 haters blind

  • crowds ig

  • Yuck i dont drink toilet beacuse that toilet have poop

  • B

  • When I was younger I nearly got hit by a car but my dad pushed me out of the way

  • You forgot Mauryan Empire and Gupta Empire (during Vikramaditya's rule)..

  • B

  • I can speak British,American,Indian,Australian English,French,German,Spanish,Japanese and Russian

  • The smallest thing is the sky or it could be the wind

  • When I was little I almost drowned in a pool, but a really nice lady saved me 😀

    • im terrified of water mostly because im 14 and cant swim >_>

    • Me also but my father saved me

  • Cocomelon?

  • You didnt mention sanskrit

  • forgot illuminati..

  • How is my language 6.7 years to learn???

  • Asta's mada mada:9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 Dcb

  • lol

  • I am 13 but I still dont have a mobile of mine 😑😑😑☹☹

  • I once opened my moms mobile password when I was 7

    • I remember something from when I was 2 years old an I’m NINE

    • I opened it when I was 4. 🙃

    • @Hesham dalimbang ok

    • You smart but im smarter when i was four i made a Google account

  • oh i drink blood but im not a vampire i sometimes drink my own blood

  • Pov: you're searching your laguange

  • I have seen northen lights many times because i live in finland

  • I can speak hindi,bengali,english,punjabj,gujrati,marathi,swedish

  • What no getting sick like vomiting

  • I can speak urdu, punjabi, and little bit english Ummm right

  • The music gave me minecraft songs nostalgia

  • Why are the comments so recent?

  • For some reason I ALWAYS choke on peanut butter I don’t have allergies, it might be the texture but this started when I was 9 or 10

  • Still less than when your best friend don't offer you food

  • Is zombie virus a possibility?

  • Omg so now, we understand's going in the space is dangerous😲😲

  • I got reverse bottle flip once and i never got it again lol

  • I think he forgot Let it go

  • 2:16 IMMNOT A MUGGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve experienced 10