What is the 'Perfect' Girl According to Guys?

Opublikowany 31 sty 2021
This video is only considering the general average male opinion and it must be noted that this does not account for the opinion of all guys!
Are you the 'PERFECT GIRL' according to guys? Watch this video to find out if guys prefer blue or green eyes, smart or dumb girls and a lot more!
This probability comparison/comparison video is made based on community discussions and relevant sources, numbers, and facts listed might not be up to date, valid, or in any specific order.
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  • have the same personality

  • What is the perfect girl? I say I don't care about "perfect". I just want a girlfriend who is nice and caring.

  • 1:48 Hmmm Long Messages... Yeah I don't want long message that doesn't mean that much, but the one that means the most I like it.

  • I don’t think I’m going to get a boyfreind

  • Do it the other way around now

  • I don't get how there are so many expectations.. I just want her to be female, which is optional

  • *Y* *E* *S*

  • I don’t think most people want there girl to smell like sea food

  • I am a Man, it doesn't mean that a lady should have this, or that I would say no probably the men and the lady should have a heart to love each other that's all.

  • Piercing 🤢🤮

  • Requirments: girl (optional)

  • simp

  • My requirements are: She likes cats, she knows what memes are, shes not a karen and she is loyal. Buuuuutttttt im not even into romance nor love rn so idk why i made this comment LOL

  • I personally disagree with a bunch of these

  • “Curvy?” What about cute and perky? That’s what I like.

  • I was thinking about how I want them during the video

  • Somehow I prefer dark brown or green eyes. That is why I find Muslim or South-American or African girls ultra attractive. 'That' girl should have similar goals, she should honor me and does not think about me as a moneybank. Unfortunately, 70% of the Hungarian girls are arrogant.

  • Ngl, we are pretty shallow lmao

  • e-girls 10/10

  • I am!😍

  • I want Brown eyes atleast 5 feet 5 (coz my sis is 5 feet 8) Just a slim body with clear skin A Loyal and respectful women Nothing more

  • I agree with all of them except the long message. Shet, ıur secrets have been revealed.

  • im almost all of these but i have green eyes lol (no tattoo)

    • Same , I got every praits which was request in perfect guy video , without blue eyes

  • Guess This comment section is gonna turn into a dating area now....

  • actually the “perfect” girl is how she is and if she is nice and just funny and an good person then she is already perfect

  • What is the perfect girl according to....girls :)

  • Nobody: Boys in the comments: saying that girls are hypocrites as if they are all like cishet white girls

  • requirements -girl -loves cats

  • What I want in a girl: Smart, funny, kind, loving, and understands my complicated personality THATS it

  • Im a girl and I want a man w all off those except the hourglass body... yes i have a different taste

  • 1:56 no. I always Will read her messeges even if they’re long. I send just as long messeges as woman do. Don’t say he wont read it. It depends on the guy

  • Everyone here is just singel do I think

  • I am nearly 170 cm😂😂😂 idc...my personality is what makes me attractive 😂😂

  • Age?

  • Nicki minaj has latex clothes

  • me, a sapphic girl: interesting

  • Low weight is turn off for me

  • I just want a gf who loves and cares for me, as I would do the same.

  • If any woman finds this offensive just look at what woman want from guys lmao

  • The perfect girl for me is my mom. I'll stick to her forever, y'all keep making girlfriends.

  • I got a question for girls opinion, would you date a guy who is about 180cm Abs, long hair, big beard, basically viking, laughs alot, green brown eyes and dark hair and always have good stories to tell if needed?

    • @Ruvette good to know give me 3 years and ill be a viking :D

  • My requirements: brain Which is rare

  • Most of this is very wrong. The most important thing that men want from women is a great and good personality, the rest don't matter that much.

  • Most of this is wrong and why would someone want a girl with big butt

  • My standard: Female (optional)

  • No guy wants anything of this

  • bruh not everything is true tbh

  • So many things I disagree with in this.

  • I want my feature girlfriend smart, Loyal, and caring. And better make sure not a gold digger

    • Ur asking for a anime girl lol (I’m a anime girl) lol

  • A nice, loyal, caring, and loving woman, she gotta look good too of course, lol

  • If she's a woman its ok

  • I have blue eyes, but light brown/blonde hair-

  • does that mean i go OOOOO U SOO CERRRRRRVEEEE to my girlfriend?

  • cant agree with many things

  • Women: did I ASK

  • Me with brown eyes blonde hair and a door shaped body 👁💧👄💧👁🖕

    • Don't worry most of guys want a girl with personality nowadays

  • Personality is a top priority, everything else is optional depending on what it is

  • For anyone watching this who is a female, let me explain what a lot of us _actually_ like: Is not a man: Yes (Sometimes optional) End of Comment.

  • I just want someone affectionate and cuddles

  • To me all that matters is if she smart, loyal, and funny.

  • We are imperfectly perfect.

  • Which IQ??

  • Toned legs=ew

  • I’m pretty sure men don’t want tattoos

  • This is kind of obvious ngl

  • Tbh,if you want a girl,just make sure she is kind and loves you, anything else doesn't matter,and if you want a boy,also make sure he is kind and loving

  • As long as she has no tattoos and is not over weight im good👌👌

  • But in the end it doesn’t even matter.

  • im a girl watching this, and reading these comments knowing 90% of guys dont care about looks, makes me happy

  • Idk but this got recommended to me the day when some girls were staring at me the whole day.

  • makeup is a no :(

  • The girl I want is somebody that’s idk at least a girl

  • Basically, dating isn't worth it

  • simple answer was a girl thats it

  • Just don't expect all of these things in one person.

  • Remember, females in the comment section. If you're reading this, I have another pro tip. Most men want feminine features in a girl. Shyness, innocence, and basically anything female-like. Like girlish.

  • ASIAN girls all they wayyy wooo!

  • 0:06 I prefer asian people so brown eyes is my type.

  • I said this on the other video A girl i want is Nice and cute, hair orange,but average,breast small or average,butt average,eyes any Likes games,voice a cute one Just basic stuff also i dont really like social media im 12 now i dont care to much yet so this could change

  • Now let's talk about what women want

  • Keep dreaming with this perfect woman. One day, you will wake up, look around and dicover you're still alone.

  • Someone that understands and is there for me is my type

  • The perfect girlfriend for me: Appearance: Smooth skin, twinkly eyes, long eyelashes, has a great smile, long hair, can change her hairstyle from time to time, can wear makeup, can have jewelry, big wardrobe. Personality: Nice, good sense of humor, intelligent, shares many interests with me, great attitude, positive, honest, likes to go places with me, speaks with a nice high voice.

  • The perfect woman for me is: TO BE A Woman Look nice Be positive and Romantic


  • If you are finding all these skills in one, So you are gonna be bachelor for whole life

  • 1:45 if a man can't even take the time out to read what you have to say regardless how long the message is then he ain't so perfect either. Nor is he the one for you.

  • 0:25 impossible

  • Ah yes, my fav activity at 9pm is watching this kind of things so I fck up my self-esteem again

  • I disagree with like 80% of them

  • I personally love long messages but idk some people r different.

  • Every womam is perfect :)

  • Me: goes to sleep knowing I'll never attract anyone

  • Nah i lyk a girl who gets jealous for me

  • So basically everything that i am not

    • Its just a video about statistics real life is not exactly the same. You don't need to feel down everythings gonna be great

  • Virgins: WRITE THAT DOWN

  • All females are Queens♥️💯

  • The comments be simpin

  • What's wrong with makup? I like it.

    • Cause makeup sometimes feels like plastic 👀👌

    • It's not wrong, most men prefer natural faces better. Makeup makes them feel like you're trying hard to get attention and the look feels unnatural and even generic. If you like it for yourself, you can go for makeup

  • Bra size I think its pretty wrong

  • You are perfect when you are yourself